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1. No ads, No Spam, and We’re Open Source

Requestly puts privacy first with its “No ads, No Spam, Open Source” approach. The open-source nature of Requestly allows for greater transparency strengthening trust in how the tool handles your information.

Larger set of modification rules than ModHeader

2. Modify more than HTTP Headers

Requestly supports request/response HTTP Headers manipulation and other parts of a request and response. Requestly is a complete HTTP Interception tool for browsers, helping frontend developers develop & test faster.

3. Best Customer Support

Requestly is known to provide the best customer support to its customers. Requestly has more than 1000 reviews on the Chrome Store testifying the best support from the Requestly team.

More Powerful than ModHeader

4. Simple, Fast & Powerful than ModHeader

Requestly provides a user-friendly and modern interface curated by UX experts.  It is available in two forms — a browser extension & a desktop application for all major platforms like Chrome & Chrome-based browsers, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Windows, Mac(Apple & Intel Chips), and Linux.

5. Gentle Learning Curve

Requestly is designed from bottom up to maintain a shallow learning curve. Moreover a detailed documentation, a learning academy, interactive guides & video tutorials make you a power user from Day 1.

6. Collaboration

Requestly is designed with collaboration with the team and across teams in mind, you can create groups, share groups, and sync rules across team members. So that a rule once created can be used by all team members.

7. GraphQL Support

Exclusive support for GraphQL APIs is available in Requestly as tools made for REST API like ModHeader can’t fiddle with specific operations of GraphQL, additional filtering is required.

8. Enterprise Ready


Requestly is enterprise-ready software and offers features like SSO, Team Management, SLAs, SOC-II compliance, Reporting and analytics, and Role-based access control.

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The Key Difference

ModHeader is a simple, ad-supported extension ideal for modifying HTTP headers. It’s perfect for those who need a focused header-editing tool and don’t mind the presence of ads.

Requestly is a powerful, open-source web development, mocking, and debugging suite. It’s ideal for teams and individuals who value privacy, a user-friendly interface, and top-notch support.

Additional Features of Requestly

for frontend & QA teams

Mock Server

Set up API Mocks in a few seconds. Accelerates frontend development when the backend is not ready.

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Session Book

Capture and share HTTP sessions for faster bug reporting & debugging.
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API Client

A simple API Client to hit API endpoints and validate responses.
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Detailed Comparison of Requestly & ModHeader


Mod Header


No Ads, No Spam

Open Source


Modify HTTP Headers

Modify API Response

Modify URL

GraphQL Support

Inject Scripts

Page Level Filters


Team Workspaces

Mock Server

API Client



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