April 2023 Product Updates

As we dive into the month of May, it’s time to look back at the significant product updates we made at Requestly throughout April. We have always been dedicated to improving our user experience and functionality, and this month we turned our focus on improving the usability of our desktop app. Let’s now dive into the updates.

Rule Creation from the Traffic Table

Intercepting network traffic and creating rules to modify the traffic are pivotal aspects of the Requestly experience. However, we realized that our users had to navigate away from the traffic table to create a rule, which was a bit of a disconnected experience. We knew we could make this process smoother.

With this new update, users can now create rules directly from the traffic table itself, i.e., you don’t have to leave the traffic table view to set up a new rule. It streamlines the workflow, making the entire process seamless and efficient. We believe this update will significantly enhance productivity and reduce the time spent switching back and forth between views.

Improved Connected Apps Experience

We’ve also revamped our connected apps experience. Before, users had to juggle between two tabs – Connected Apps, Traffic & Rules – to intercept traffic from installed browsers and external devices. This back-and-forth process was less than ideal and made the user experience disjointed.

Now, we’ve simplified the process. The updated experience provides a more integrated approach to managing the connections between Requestly and your apps. You can easily start intercepting traffic from your installed browsers and external devices without having to switch tabs, again making your workflow smoother and more intuitive.

Customer of the month

At Telegraph, they needed to implement and test new changes constantly. However, the live environment is vastly different from the staging environment. This discrepancy made it incredibly difficult to test out changes during the staging phase accurately.

With Requestly’s Redirect Rule, they team could easily swap JS libraries and test their changes directly on the live website.  Requestly’s Team Workspace made it easy for the developers at Telegraph to collaborate with their non-tech team members as well, thereby speeding up their testing and implementation of new changes.

Review of the month

In addition to our product updates, we want to spotlight a review from one of our users, Asef Dev. He has been using Requestly for a few years now, and he had this to say:

Reviews like these validate our ongoing efforts to provide a user-friendly, powerful tool that positively impacts web developers’ work. We thank Asef Dev for his kind words and for being a part of our community.

Understanding HTTP Headers

Apart from these feature updates, we also published a comprehensive blog post that every web developer will find useful. The blog post delves into the different types of HTTP headers and their importance in web development.

HTTP headers are a fundamental aspect of any web development project, playing a crucial role in how a server communicates with the client’s browser. However, their importance is often overlooked. Our latest blog post aims to provide a deep understanding of these headers and why they are a must-know for every web developer.

For an in-depth exploration of common HTTP headers, their functions, and why they’re essential, we highly recommend checking out our blog post.

April has been a month of significant improvements at Requestly. We’re committed to making our platform as user-friendly and functional as possible, and these updates represent our ongoing efforts to achieve that goal. We hope these enhancements will make your experience with Requestly more efficient and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way in May.

Until then, happy debugging!

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Sagar Soni

Sagar Soni

Sagar is the co-founder and CTO of Requestly. When he's not busy architecting the next big thing in software development, you'll likely find him behind the wheel, cruising the streets and enjoying the thrill of the drive. For Sagar, it's all about the code by day and the open road by night.

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