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How Requestly Helps Developers with
Local Development & Testing

Sync frontend-backend teams


Enable you, frontend developers, to develop & test your features independently of backend developers. With a simple toggle, build against actual/stubbed APIs.

Test your JS / APIs across environments

Environments Dependence

Redirect HTTP requests(API Calls/Files) effortlessly from one environment to another. Helps you in testing locally running code – scripts or APIs directly on staging/production sites. Environments no longer bind you, providing the freedom to test and validate changes in real-time.

Request Header, Payload & Responses

Override GraphQL API

Intercept, Modify & Mock GraphQL Query, Mutations & Response by applying additional targeting on operation name and query data.

Capture & Share HTTP Sessions


Easily capture HTTP sessions and share with developers. Requestly Sessions are more than just HAR logs. It contains mouse movements, network logs, console logs & other details.

QAs spend less time on bug reporting


Product Managers share feedback on sessions


Developers use sessions in pull requests

Create API Mocks in seconds

Mock Server

A cloud-based Mock server built for teams. Quickly create API mocks and use them in your code, CI/CD pipelines, automation, etc.


Cloud-based Mocks can be accessed from anywhere.


Make them password-protected.


Easy Integration with HTTP Rules.

Built for Teams

Collaboration-First design

1-time Sharing via Link

Instantly generate a link for your assets, such as rules, mocks, and recordings, and share it with your team in one click.

Team Workspace

Easily collaborate with teammates in a shared workspace. Group assets, such as mocks, rules, and sessions, in one place.

Export Data & Sync to Git

If you prefer to keep the configs version controlled along with your source code, you can export & sync with your git repo.

A better alternative to
Charles Proxy &
Telerik Fiddler

For the developers, by the developers ❤️

From Debug to Deploy: Developers Trust Requestly

Great functionality and amazing support. I ran into a problem with the Addin and the engineering team reached out to figure out a solution. They took the time to replicate the issue as well as provide alternative workarounds.

Guilherme Borzoni
Co-founder at Quick Digital

Very simple to use and super useful! Great support too. Thank you!

Alessandra Laderchi from eDreams
Frontend Software Engineer at eDreams ODIGEO

Great tool and great support!

Ofer Ohel
Senior Software Engineer at HiHello, Inc.

Requestly is awesome. I used to use Charles proxy in my day-to-day work but it always messed with my wifi. I haven’t had any issues with Requestly. Requestly’s UI is an amazing tool and great to work in.

Carl Hand
Senior Software Engineer at Workday

Requestly not just made it easier for us to develop, test & debug our code on our customer sites but also helped us do engaging product demos to our prospective clients.

Michael Levinson
Co-Founder & CPO at Joyned

I’m a big fan of Requestly, and use it on a daily basis as a QA Engineer. It removes the need to use Charles Proxy often, which is always nice. I can just use Requestly directly in Chrome

Mike Mitchell
QA Engineer at URBN

Awesome tool. I use it almost daily for my projects to modify request body, headers, etc. Would recommend it to every frontend developer out there. Thank me later 🙂 (Case Study)

Harsh Vats
Frontend Engineer at PingSafe

Just loved the way Requestly saved several person hours for our dev team by allowing us to redirect and intercept requests. The simple yet efficient rules allowed us to seamlessly redirect requests from a single staging front-end server to local backend servers. This meant that our devs didn’t need to build or run the front-end server locally when focusing on backend tasks.

Srijan Bhatnagar
Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian

Requestly is an incredibly useful tool for developers working on a large team with multiple staging envs, or numerous app endpoints for various APIs in a local environment. The Sessions feature is especially useful for documenting solutions or sharing with others since it captures the relevant network traffic, and screen recording enables others to easily reproduce. Requestly combines all the power of complicated tools like Charles Proxy and Postman in one app/chrome extension. I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already–it will make your dev work so much easier. (Summarized)

Joél Hawkins Torres
Senior Software Engineer at Autodesk

Requestly’s browser extension is remarkably easy to use. As a full-stack developer, I often need to test data-intensive UI for edge cases and performance. Using Requestly I can do it very easily by mocking network requests, without needing code changes or database seeding.

Divyanshu Sharma
Full-stack Developer at ShortLoop

As a QA engineer, I found this extension to be a great tool for screen recording and network monitoring. Its user-friendly interface, robust features, and seamless integration make it an essential companion for thorough testing. Highly recommended for QA teams looking to enhance their testing processes.

Nino Gogoberishvili
QA EngineerQA Engineer Theneo

Absolutely insane level of customisation and flexibility. Used this on a number of different use cases and love it. Works great and I found the UX fantastic. Nice job!

Dan Mindru
Founder of Shipixen

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