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Gain comprehensive control over APIs for testing, switching environments and accelerating your development.

Supports APIs triggered as XHR or fetch

Gain control over API responses triggered by XHR/Fetch requests. As a result, you can effortlessly switch between development, staging, and production environments without touching your codebase, streamlining your development workflow.

Replace Multiple parts of a URL

With pinpoint accuracy, target and replace multiple URL components – hostname, path segments, query parameters, and more – for granular control over your requests.

Match URLs using Regex

Use regular expressions to achieve intricate URL pattern matching without the need for overly complex, indirect approaches. This grants you granular control over your URL replacements in a more streamlined manner.

GraphQL Support

Test Staging GraphQL APIs with Production frontend, making sure all the operations are working properly, ensuring a seamless user experience post-deployment.

Collaboration & 1-Click Sharing

Promote consistency and accelerate development by sharing Requestly rules within your team. Choose between shared workspaces for real-time collaboration or targeted sharing with individual members.

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More HTTP Request & Response Manipulation Rules

These HTTP Rules designed for all your local development and testing needs.

Modify API Response

Modify response of any XHR/Fetch Request.

Modify Headers

Modify HTTP request & response headers.

Query Params

Add or Remove Query Parameters

Insert Script

Inject Custom JS & CSS on any website(s).

Delay Network

Simulate delay in response of API calls.

Modify Request Body

Modify body of POST requests.

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A comprehensive debugging suite with thoughtfully designed features for front-end developers.

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