Redirect URLs (Map Remote and Map Local)

Redirect a request URL (or matching pattern) to another URL
e.g. Load local scripts in the production sites for faster debugging

Redirect URL

Request’s location to a new destination location such that the response is transparently served from the new location as if it was the original request.

Map Local File

Serve any local file as the response of an intercepted request in realtime. Make changes in the file locally and test them live without updating them on the server.

Serve Mock Response

Redirect original HTTP request to your mocked URL with hosted file or JSON response. No need to a separate localhost or staging server.

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Application and use cases

Here’s how you can use Requestly’s Redirect Request feature in your daily workflow

Redirect production to local environment

Easily redirect your app from production to local environment in a few easy clicks!

Toggle API endpoints

Switching between several different API endpoints is extremely simple with Requestly.

Integrate Mock and File Server

With Requestly, you get our very own Mock Server Integration out of the box with the Redirect Request Rule. No need to a separate localhost server.

Intercept & Modify HTTP Requests

Boost Your Web Development: Advanced Tools for Seamless Debugging.

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Session Recording

Data rich bug reporting with Network logs, Console logs, Session Video and environment details. Share it with your Engineering team for faster debugging.

Mock API Server

Generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server. Edit Content-Type, Status Code, Headers, and Response body easily on the Mock Server.

Web-based API Client

A comprehensive and web-based tool for modifying and testing APIs. You can test the Mock APIs you’re creating here to fast track your development lifecycle.

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