Open-source alternative to Wireshark

Wireshark is a popular network protocol analyzer that is widely used by network administrators and security professionals to troubleshoot network issues and analyze network traffic. It excels in providing comprehensive capture and deep packet analysis, making it a robust tool for diagnosing network issues and understanding traffic patterns.

On the other hand, Requestly, much like Wireshark, is an open-source tool, which offers even more customization and flexibility for users. With Requestly, you can easily modify and redirect HTTP/S requests, manage CORS headers, and create API mock endpoints which are not available in Wireshark. Moreover, it allows you to create rule-based redirects and recordings to automate your testing and debugging tasks.

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Comparing Requestly vs Wireshark

Requestly is a modern and light-weight alternative to Wireshark




Network Protocol Analysis

Network Inspector

Modify HTTP Requests & Responses

Android & iOS Debugger

Mock Servers

Session Recordings

Browser Extension

No performance impact

Requestly is lightweight and doesn’t slow down your browsing experience. Our efficient implementation ensures that Requestly won’t drain your system’s energy and memory.

Active Support

We take pride in providing top-notch support to our users and helping them debug web applications faster. In fact, over 20% of our reviews mention our active support team!

Effortlessly collaborate

Collaborate with your teammates on Requestly rules to speed up debugging experience. Plus, the rules sync across devices so you can easily access all your rules from multiple machines.