Boost your Development by Recording and Mocking Flaky APIs

Record and Mock flay APIs

In today’s software development scene, microservices are vital for creating scalable and flexible systems. They empower developers to build robust applications tailored to specific needs. However, managing a network of interconnected microservices comes with its own set of challenges, demanding careful attention to ensure smooth operation and effective collaboration.

The Challenge: Devlopment complexities because of Unreliable Services

Picture yourself working on a critical project that relies on multiple services managed by different teams or external providers. Unfortunately, these services often act independently. They might give unpredictable responses, go offline unexpectedly, or simply not meet your expectations. Undoubtedly, it’s frustrating. This unpredictability not only slows down development but also demands constant coordination and troubleshooting, thus diverting your focus from coding tasks.

The Solution: Record and Automatically Mock APIs in Bulk

While individual requests can always be overridden and mocked using Requestly, the ability to mock at scale marks a significant advancement.
Now, developers can seamlessly manage multiple flaky and unreliable APIs across particular development flows with unparalleled ease. Our intuitive interface enables users to swiftly identify and mock problematic services in masses, thereby streamlining the development process and saving invaluable time.

Additionally, Requestly’s robust support for GraphQL ensures unmatched flexibility and scalability— all seamlessly integrated within the platform.

Here’s how it works!

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