How Advance Metrics Streamlined GTM Script Testing with Requestly


Advance Metrics is an online marketing agency, specializing in Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital  Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing Compliance services. They empower businesses to optimize and measure their websites’ performance through data-driven web development anchored on meticulous traffic and conversion analysis.

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The Advance Metrics team faced the challenging task of testing their GTM scripts on multiple external customer websites to ensure optimal functionality. Since they did not have direct control over their clients’ websites, swapping the GTM scripts to test their product was both complex and demanding.

They were initially required to work closely with their clients to swap GTM scripts, a process that was not only time-consuming but also fraught with communication delays and potential inaccuracies.


Advance Metrics uses Requestly to replace GTM scripts on third-party websites to guarantee a seamless testing phase. They use Replace Rule to replace the client’s GTM script with their own, which allows Advance Metrics to test the script without  bothering the client  each time a test is required.

They also use the Requestly Modify API Response feature for debugging directly on staging & production environments. This eliminates the need to set everything up locally and replicate the issue.

With Requestly, the Advance Metrics team has optimized their process. They can now concentrate on refining their GTM scripts and enhancing their overall product without being bogged down by the tedious manual replacement and back-and-forth of emails or meetings.
By turning a significant challenge into a triumph, Advance Metrics reinforced their status as pioneers in the online marketing space. 🙂

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