How Requestly Can Improve Team Collaboration using Workspaces

Web development projects can quickly become disorganized without collaboration tools. This leads to overlapping code, inconsistent environments, and difficulty sharing debugging strategies. Requestly’s workspaces solve these problems by providing a shared platform for rules, mock servers, and session recordings. This centralizes troubleshooting, streamlines workflows, and helps teams deliver better web products

Workspaces: Team Collaboration Made Easy

Requestly offers a feature called Workspaces that helps you organize your rules and projects. Here’s how Workspaces can boost team collaboration:


Workspaces let you share your debugging workflows with your teammates in real time. Everyone can collaborate on things like:

  • Rules: Create and manage rules to control web requests and responses, streamlining your projects.
  • Mock Servers: Design and test APIs and web services using mock servers for efficient testing and development.
  • Shared Lists: Share lists of URLs, rules, and other items to keep everyone aligned and working together.
  • Session Recordings: Record and share sessions to analyze web traffic and troubleshoot issues together.

Benefits of Shared Workspace

1. Keep Projects Separate

Workspaces allow you to keep different projects and their rules apart. This prevents conflicts and helps team members work on different projects without getting in each other’s way.

2. Switch Easily Between Workspaces

Team members can switch quickly between workspaces based on the project they’re working on. This flexibility lets you move between tasks without disturbing other projects.

3. Share and Collaborate

In a workspace, you can share your entire set of debugging workflows, including rules, mock servers, shared lists, and session recordings. This allows team members to work on projects more cohesively and efficiently.

How To Create a Workspace

In your Requestly app, you can switch your workspace from the side bar. By default, you are in your private workspace.

  1. Go to Requestly Dashboard.
  2. Click on the drop down next to Private .
  3. Go to Join or Create Workspace and Create a new Workspace.
  4. Give a name to your Workspace and click Create New Workspace

How to Add your teammates

  1. Go to Requestly Dashboard.
  2. Click on the drop down next to your Workspace Name .
  3. Click on the Invite teammates  to add teammates to your team workspace.


Requestly’s Workspaces feature can significantly improve team collaboration by offering a structured way to manage and share rules, API mocks, session recordings across projects. It helps boost productivity and deliver high-quality products

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