How to launch browsers in Requestly with custom arguments

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature that simplifies launching browsers in the Desktop App with Custom launch arguments.

Custom arguments are used to set and configure flags that are used to configure the default behaviour of the browser. These can be used to disable security checks while debugging, enable experimental features or even change the user data used while launching the browser.

Let’s delve into the details.

The Problem

Many of our users faced a common challenge – they needed to launch their browsers with specific security flags set and unset. Traditionally, they had to set a system-wide proxy and manually configure their browser with custom flags. However, this approach had its limitations, especially when dealing with VPNs. Our users needed a more streamlined solution.

The Solution

To tackle this issue, we’ve introduced the Custom Args feature. This functionality allows users to effortlessly launch their browsers with customised command-line arguments, eliminating the need for intricate workarounds. Here’s what we’ve built:

  1. Predefined suggestions: We’ve curated a selection of frequently used debugging flags for Chrome and other browsers. Users can quickly choose from these predefined options to simplify their debugging process.
  2. Custom arguments: For users with specific requirements, we’ve introduced a custom args feature. This allows users to input arguments just as they would when launching from the command line.

Experience a smoother, more efficient browsing experience today, as we continue to innovate for your convenience.

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Navdeep Rathore

Navdeep Rathore

Navdeep has 2+ years of experience maintaining and developing a proxy tool built using Electron, React, AWS, Firebase, Node and Android. Currently interested in learning more about computer networks. He's pretty active on twitter @nsrCodes

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