How to pin rules in Requestly

You can pin your rules and access them without opening the app by clicking on the Requestly icon present on the Chrome toolbar. You can turn your pinned rules on or off directly from the toolbar.

How to pin rules?

Hover your mouse over the rule you want to pin. On the right side, you’ll see the option of ‘Pin Rule’. Click on the option to pin your rule. 

Once you’ve pinned the rule, the ‘Pin Rule’ icon will turn blue to reflect the rule has been pinned.

Pin rule button

Access your pinned rules

You can use click on Requestly icon in toolbar to access your pinned rules and toggle them on/off with just one click!

Quick and convenient ⚡️

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Sagar Soni

Sagar Soni

Sagar is the co-founder and CTO of Requestly. When he's not busy architecting the next big thing in software development, you'll likely find him behind the wheel, cruising the streets and enjoying the thrill of the drive. For Sagar, it's all about the code by day and the open road by night.

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