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March 2023 Product Updates

Hey Requestlians,

I’m back with the new sets of updates we did in the month of March at Requestly. From a new AI response generator based on ChatGPT to improvements in session recording and support for GraphQL in the Modify Response rule, I’m excited to share some of the interesting things we did last month. So, let’s dive in!

GPT-based AI Response Generator

Generative AI is arguably the topic of the town because of the disruption it has caused in the Generative AI space. We’re now excited to announce a new ChatGPT-based API Response generator in Requestly. You can automatically generate a dummy JSON response which can be hosted in a mock endpoint.

A new way to share your recordings

Session recording is one of the features that’s loved by our users. With our latest update, you can now choose which logs to include when sharing recorded sessions with your teammates. This allows you to selectively share information and ensure that confidential data is kept secure.

New Modify Response Rule with GraphQL Support

In the last month’s update, we mentioned that we are working on a new UI for Modify Response Rule to provide options to include GraphQL and Rest APIs properly. Simply select the GraphQL tab, enter your query and response, and you’re good to go. We hope this feature will make it easier for our users to work with GraphQL APIs and improve their testing workflows.

Session Recording & Mock server in Team Workspaces

We have added session recording and mock server capabilities to Team Workspaces. Now, multiple team members can collaborate by sharing their session recordings and mock endpoints in real time, streamlining the development and testing process. We hope this new feature will make it easier for our users to work together and improve their workflow efficiency.

Map Your Local Files

Turn your machine into a local server to host your files and test them out. Using Map local feature, you can now develop and store your files locally and redirect HTTP requests to load them as if they are on the live website. The feature is available only for desktop apps.

Review of the month

One of our users*,* Saverio Pugliese left a review on the Chrome Web Store that I think is worth sharing.

Reviews like these keep us going, and we continue to work hard to deliver the best possible experience to our users. We are grateful for your support and feedback and will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do. Thank you, Saverio, for your kind words, and thank you to all of our users for choosing Requestly.

Featured Blog

We compared some of the best API clients: Postman, Insomnia, and Hoppscotch, across several key criteria such as UI & UX, Features, Documentation, etc. Whether you’re new to API development or an experienced developer looking for a new tool, this blog post is a great resource to help you find the right API client for your needs.

We look forward to sharing more updates and improvements with you in the coming months!

Until then, happy debugging!

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