Product Update – Feb, 2024

Hey Requestlian 👋,

As we are about to wrap up another fantastic month, we’re excited to share the latest updates and news with you.

📣 New Requestly Logo

Requestly has got a new logo, So if you see a fancy “R” icon in your browser toolbar, don’t get surprised. Check out this cool GIF animation of transitioning from previous to new logo.

👥 Enterprise Plan

We offer an enterprise plan with the following benefits —

  • Unlimited Everything (Rules, API Mocks, Sessions, APIs, etc)
  • User Access Management (Map your organization & Access Control)
  • SSO & SAML
  • SLAs (Service Uptime, Support, Insurance)
  • Centralized Billing, Procurement, Invoicing, & Secutiry Reviews
  • Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance (GDPR, SOC2)
  • Quarterly Calls & Dedicated Shared Slack Support
  • Floating Licenses

You can book a call with us for any discussion.

🏠 →

Requestly has a new home under the .com domain. Our app continues to work on but all the landing pages, blog posts, and case studies are now available on Check out the announcement.

🚀 Auth Headers with Cross-Origin Redirects

(Now Fixed in Chrome & Firefox extension)

Before Chrome 119, when a cross-origin redirect, such as from foo.test to bar.test, happened, Chrome preserved the Authorization header, and bar.test could receive the header.

Starting from Chrome 119, Chrome removes Authorization headers when a cross-origin redirects happen, meaning that bar.test no longer receives the Authorization header.

We have released a fix for this and the new extension version will be soon available in the chrome store. Github issue.

🧑‍💻 Custom Attribute support in Insert Script feature

In the Insert/Inject Scripts feature, now you can define customer attributes like data-id, type=”module” or any other attribute. Check out the following resources

  1. StackOverflow Question (Feature Request)
  2. Demo Video

🍕 The Frontend Bytes (Learn the latest of web development)

We have launched a “Learning Center” called The Frontend Bytes to help web developers unlock the next level in their development journey. We’re going to share practical tips around HTTP Basics, AI in web development, Chrome Devtools, HTTP Interceptor, Chrome Extension development, API Testing & Mocking, JS Testing & Debugging practices, etc.

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❤️ Community Love

This month we’d like to feature the testimonial provided by Pete Koomen, Former CTO of Optimizely. Check out the post here

🎁 [Free Gift] Unlock Requestly Premium for your Org

We love interacting with our customers. Please connect with us and share how Requestly helps you. We’d love to publish a case study with you and unlock Requestly Pro for your entire company from 1 month up to 6 months for free.

That’s all for this month. We’re building some exciting features around API Mocking. See you next month. Happy developing!

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