Requestly Update – April, 2024


Hey Requestlians 👋,

Here is some progress we made in April and a quick sneak peek of what we’re up to.

Migration to Manifest V3 (We need your help)

Chrome has introduced Manifest V3 guidelines to enhance the security and performance of browser extensions. We have completed the migration to the Manifest V3, but it is a big change for us. We’d like to ensure the rollout is smooth and hence would like you to test out our beta track and get your feedback. It should take about 10 minutes or so.

Here are the steps to test our beta track

  1. Disable the existing Requestly extension. Go to chrome://extensions and search “Requestly” and toggle off the existing extension.
  2. Install the beta extension from here.
  3. Open and try to use your rules.

Refer to this GitHub Issue for more details & report any issue –

Collections support in API Mock Server

As promised in the last month, We have added support for collections in the Requestly Mock Server.

  • You can group your API Mocks under collections
  • Collection can have its path and all nested mocks will use the prefix

The other capabilities will be live soon

  • Enable/Disable an API Mock
  • Download Mock & Collections as JSON file

New Feature → Test HTTP Modifications Rules

We have built a new feature that helps you test your HTTP Modification Rules better & faster. Here’s how you can use it:

Enterprise Readiness at Requestly

Requestly is being used by 250,000+ devs in more than 15,000+ companies. We’re committed towards building a security-first product that meets the needs of enterprises. Offering better compliance, better security posture, and enterprise features like SSO, Analytics, and SLAs are now available in our enterprise plan.

Checkout this announcement →

Community Love

Checkout this great testimonial by Aninyda Jain, A Software Engineer at BlueCore — LinkedIn & Twitter

Checkout our Awesome Resources

[Free Gift] Unlock Requestly Premium for your entire team

We love interacting with our customers. Please connect with us and share how Requestly helps you. We’d love to publish a case study with you and give Requestly Pro for your entire company for 6 months.

That’s all for this month. We’re building some exciting features around API Mocking. See you next month. Happy developing!

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