Requestly Update – May, 2024

Hey Requestlians 👋,

Here is some progress we made in May and a quick sneak peek of what we’re up to.

Introducing a new pricing option – Lite Plan

For a limited time, We’re offering a Lite Plan that offers the following

  • Access to all HTTP Modification Types
  • GraphQL Modifications
  • Overriding & Stubbing API Responses
  • Injecting Scripts
  • Unlimited Header Modifications
  • Upto 5 API Mocks

Check out the Lite Plan here →

Manifest V3 Rollout (Huge Thanks)

Last month, we shared the beta version with you with MV3 changes. We asked for feedback on our beta track and we really appreciate the support, feedback, and bug reports. We have rolled out the MV3 version in a controlled manner and as I type this post, all the new users of Requestly and 10% of our userbase are already on MV3. We plan to do the complete rollout by the end of this month.

Refer this GitHub Issue for more details –

Introducing RequestBot – AI Assistant in Requestly

We’ve introduced RequestBot aka “Ask AI” feature. You can ask RequestBot anything about Requestly and It can help you quickly understand what Requestly can help with. Here are some helpful prompts that you can try

  • How to Override API Responses?
  • How to record HTTP Session?
  • How to solve CORS Issue?
  • How to record HTTP status code

Checkout the blog post here –

Best ModHeader Alternative

Lately, A lot of Modheader users are moving to Requestly. Modheader is in the news for injecting Ads and their recent release made the product very unstable. If you are looking for an alternative, Requestly can be a great option and with the Lite Plan, you get unlimited HTTP header modifications.

Checkout this →

We also support Requestly to be used in automation So if you need to use Requestly for modifying API Responses or modifying HTTP headers, contact us.

The FrontendBytes Podcast – A Deep Dive into Software Testing & Challenges in Testing Ads

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kenton DeAngeli, a seasoned veteran in the AdTech industry with over 20 years of experience. He took us through his journey into software testing, shedding light on his work’s challenges and the software testing Industry.

Here are some of the things we covered

  1. How did Kenton get into Testing, & What challenges did you face in your early career?
  2. What is the most challenging part of the Software Testing role?
  3. Developers and QA Relationship
  4. When developers can’t reproduce bugs?
  5. Resources to Become a Good Software Tester
  6. How do you hire a good software tester
  7. Good Interview Questions & Red Flags in Interview
  8. Rapid-Fire Questions

→ Check out the podcast here –

Community Love ❤️

Check out this great post by Robert Hostak who used Requestly to switch Supabase environments in his WeWeb project and shared a great post in the WeWeb community.

Here is the post link –

Checkout our Awesome Resources

Get $25 in credits & Get featured in our next newsletter

We love interacting with our customers and getting feedback is a critical part in how we build this amazing product.

  • Give a shoutout on X (Twitter) and get $25 in credits in Requestly
  • Rate us on Chrome Store and We will feature the best review in the next newsletter

Please send an email to sachin [at] with the tweet link / Chrome Store Review screenshot.

That’s all for this month. Happy developing!

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