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Collaborate with your teammates and work together in real-time.

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Setup multiple team workspaces.

Easily switch your workspace from the sidebar – start in your private workspace and move to the Shared Workspace when it’s time to team up!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is team collaboration available in Basic plan?

Majority of our users buy Team plan to avail collaborative features on top of the Pro plan. In case you wish to obtain Team features but with Basic features set, please reach out.

How many team workspaces can I create with my team plan?

You can create as many team workspaces as you like. You’re billed for the total number of unique users.

Are enterprise features available in team plan?

Enterprise features such as API Access & SSO login are available as an add-on over your existing team plan. Please reach out to start a free trial.

Is free trial available for team plan?

Yes, please reach out to the support to request a free trial.

I want centralized billing for multiple teams. Is that possible?

Yes, you can use single source of billing for multiple users or teams.