From Hours to Minutes: How StoriAI improved their debugging with Requestly Session Replay

StoriAI is an AI-powered platform that excels in brand building and content creation. With a team of experts, StoriAI is determined to go beyond the constraints of conventional branding and marketing.

This testimonial is given by Giorgi Tediashvili, Co-Founder, and Sophiko Gorgadze, QA, of the StoriAI team. 


Before discovering Requestly, StoriAI’s team faced the tedious task of manually debugging their new features.. The process involved taking screenshots and, unfortunately, they lacked access to crucial network data or console logs. This old method was not only time-consuming but also lacked precision and efficiency.


After discovering Requestly on ProductHunt, StoriAI integrated it into their daily operations. Session Replay empowered them with a seamless session recording feature, intuitive annotations, detailed network logs, and the convenience of sharing direct links with their team for immediate problem-solving.

With Requestly, StoriAI now possesses a comprehensive toolkit that’s just a click away. Particularly for their developers and QA professionals, this tool has not only simplified their tasks but also supercharged their productivity.

Wrapping it up, with Requestly’s Session Replay in their toolkit, the StoriAI crew is cruising with bug reporting that’s 10 times quicker and way more user-friendly. It’s been a game-changer, shaving off hours of manual grind.

PS: We shaved off some hours of manual grind as well! This story was brought to life using StoriAI’s Co-Pilot,  what started as a handful of simple pointers evolved into the detailed story you’re reading now.

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Sagar Soni

Sagar is the co-founder and CTO of Requestly. When he's not busy architecting the next big thing in software development, you'll likely find him behind the wheel, cruising the streets and enjoying the thrill of the drive. For Sagar, it's all about the code by day and the open road by night.

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