Speed Up Web Debugging 10X
Using SessionBook

A simple all-in-one tool that lets you capture, report, and debug errors with the power of session replay and network & console logs.

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Enhanced collaboration

between teams.

Reduce to-and-fro communication to identify & fix bugs. Developers should spend more time fixing the bugs than reproducing them.

Say No To Screenshots

Automatic Session Recording

Tired of manually capturing bugs?

Session Replay lets you automatically capture them by recording the last 5 minutes of the user interactions on specified domains. Simple 1-time setup, and whenever you find an issue, just hit Share.

Securely Share Your Sessions

Choose How To Share

Share the sessions securely with our flexible options. Either securely share an encrypted link of the sessions to your team or to specific people.

Session Replay also allows you to download the sessions you created on your local machine for offline access and easy archival.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Choose What To Share

Control what you share with your teammates. After capturing the session video, you can choose what logs you want to share.

Session Replay also skips Browser Header information to preserve sensitive information.

Get All The Context of Bugs in One Place

Requestly Session Replays stitches user interactions together with network & console logs to give you a better context for the bug.

Session Interactions

Check the saved sessions to see which user action led caused the bug.

Network Logs

Analyze the network logs to check any issues in the HTTP requests and responses, timing, and resource loading.

Console Logs

Troubleshoot the runtime behaviour of your code, including errors, warnings, and logs.

Not Just a Bug Reporting Tool

Developers can now debug errors without juggling between their development environment and bug tracker.

Web debugging Proxy (HTTP Rules)

Lightweight web debugging proxy to intercept and modify HTTPs Requests. Modify Headers, API Requests, Inject scripts & do much more with this open-source tool.

Mock Server

Generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server. Edit Content-Type, Status Code, Headers, and Response body easily on the Mock Server.

API Client

A comprehensive and web-based API Client for modifying and testing APIs. You can test the Mock APIs you’re creating here to fast track your development lifecycle.

Integrations (Coming Soon)

Issue Trackers

Requestly Session Replay works with all major bug tracking tools. One click attach network & console logs to your JIRA tickets.

AI Insights

Analyze network requests in real-time, gain valuable insights into API responses. Auto generate API test cases.

Custom Plug-ins

Create and install your own plug-in on top of Session Replays. Analyze network traffic, add breakpoints, validate schemas and much more.


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