Scripting Success: How Making Science streamlined testing Javascript tags with Requestly

Making Science is a distinguished company that specializes in technology and marketing, particularly in the realm of online retail and digital advancement. The company dedicates itself to assisting businesses in modernizing every aspect of their operations through digital means, such as digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce, and cloud technology.

This testimonial is given by Andres Velasco, technical lead for Gauss Smart Advertising, an AI Value Based Bidding product from Making Science.


At Making Science, the team needed to test their script tags on multiple real customer sites to ensure the code is going to work fine in production. Since, their team doesn’t have control over their client’s websites so testing JS code on external clients’ websites is quite a challenge for them.

They used to manually inject the Javascript into the browser console each time they wanted to debug or test out new changes. It was a tedious process and prone to errors.


The Making Science team actively uses Requestly to insert their script tags on third-party websites to ensure smooth production rollout. They use the Inject Script feature of Requestly to inject their script on sites where their tag isn’t present. This removes the need to open up the browser console each time and manually insert the script.

Once the rules were set up within Requestly, the team had a more streamlined process. They could now focus on improving the script tags themselves rather than spending time on the manual insertion.

Making Science found that the team was able to deliver projects faster and with greater accuracy. This led to improved client satisfaction and opened up new opportunities for the company. Through innovation and refinement, the Magic Science team turned a challenge into a success story.

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