Requestly Dec’22 Product Updates

­­Hey Requestlians 👋🏼,

This is Sachin – Founder & CEO, Requestly. Wish you & your loved ones a very happy new year. In this newsletter, I bring to you one of the most awaited features of the year – Shared Workspace that helps you & your entire team to work together with Requestly rules.

Team Workspaces Launched in Beta 🚀

Team Workspace makes it easier for you & your team to work together in Requestly. In shared workspace, everyone can see & use the rules created in the shared space. Collaboration is helpful in so many ways:

  • Devs <–> Devs (e.g. Sharing rules related to their environment switching, debugging API responses, etc)
  • Devs <–> QAs (e.g. Devs share rules with QAs to test their new features without deploying on production)
  • Devs <–> Product Manager & Designers (e.g. Getting their feedback/design review on the new feature changes)
  • Integration Team <–> Customers (e.g. Show a demo on how their product works on customer’s sites pre-installation & customers can also play around with the product)
  • Solutions Consultants <–> Customers (e.g. Show a demo of how the new feature works and getting their approval)

All you need is to sign up for Requestly and switch to the desired workspace.

Check out a quick demo video of how shared workspaces work.

There’s more information & FAQs about Team Workspaces on Github Discussion board. ­­

Modify API Request Body (New Rule Type) ✨

Earlier modifying API Payload was only supported in our desktop app but now you can also use Chrome & Firefox extension to modify API request payloads. Here’s a quick screenshot of the rule editor:

­­Intercept & Modify Traffic from Safari & apps from iOS devices

We’ve added support to intercept traffic from iOS Apps & Safari browser in our desktop application. You can install Requestly desktop app and go to the connected apps section and setup for iOS there. Learn how to set up your iOS device to intercept using Requestly here.

Improved Mock Server & File Server

We’ve improved our Mock Server & File Server to make it easier for future development. Using our latest mock server capabilities, you can now define mock API endpoints and CORS is automatically handled So next time you are writing frontend code and don’t have your backend APIs deployed, use our free mock server and get a mocked API endpoint.

Here’s a Github ticket that explains what we’ve changed and what are we planning to add in future.

Customer of the Month – Metrical 🤝

Metrical helps eCommerce companies improve the conversation rate by reducing cart abandonment. Metrical observes the behavior pattern of millions of visitors on e-commerce sites & changes the actual content on the page to match current user behavior to provide a more curated experience.

  • Metrical team uses Redirect Rule to load Staging version of their code instead of production version directly on customer sites and test the product along with their customers.
  • Metrical team has customer specific staging libraries and So they use separate rules for individual customers. They enable/disable the rule when working on that customer specific site.
  • Their team uses SharedList feature to share the rules that work to easily collaborate within the team as well as with their clients.


Review(s) of the month on Chrome Store ♥️

We couldn’t decide between the best review so including both ones. Thank you so much Marius & John for sharing your love with us.

We ended the 2022 with a milestone of 1000 reviews on Chrome Store. If you’re happy with Requestly, please do spread the love & help us with a review.

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