How Requestly helps Stadia Maps close deals 7X faster


Stadia Maps is a technology company specializing in creating privacy-first and advanced mapping solutions for businesses and individuals. Their primary focus is to develop a cutting-edge mapping experience that is private, performant, and affordable.

This testimonial was given by Luke Seleenbinder and Ian Wagner, co-founders of Stadia Maps.


Stadia Maps initially started as a mapping solution and then quickly iterated into providing a routing API that helps businesses integrate navigation systems within their websites or apps.

Maps are usually a visual-heavy component, and people always want to explore them. For StadiaMaps, most of their client calls involved them explaining how their mapping solution provides more value than their competitors. However, showing the maps on their internal site is not appealing since customers won’t be able to play around with the maps without the actual integration, which in turn, needs a lot of work.

They were looking for a solution that would help them deploy their maps onto the customers’ websites without too much effort, and Requestly exactly solves their needs.


Ian stumbled upon Requestly on Stack Overflow when he was searching for an option to deploy their maps on one of his client’s websites. It took him just a few minutes to understand what Requestly does and set up the redirect rule that integrates StadiaMaps’ solutions on his client’s website.

Requestly’s Redirect Rule allowed them to swap the existing maps on their client’s website with their own. It helps them easily show the efficiency of their mapping solutions compared to the ones they already have.

This is what their configuration looks like:

They use Requestly’s Workspace to share their rules with the customer so they can experiment with Stadia Maps on their own website without really integrating it.

‍Requestly has proven to be an invaluable tool for StadiaMaps in deploying their maps faster and showcasing the benefits of their mapping solutions to their clients. They also extensively use Requestly to fast-track their internal developments and testing process.

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