Generate API Mocks in seconds

Open-source Mock Server to quickly create mock API endpoints for testing without creating an actual API. Edit Content-Type, Status Code, Headers, and Response body easily on the Mock Server.

Generate content using AI

GPT-based API Response generator will help you create custom responses faster.

Host Files

Upload any HTML/CSS/JS files and generate public links.

Set HTTP Headers

Set mock API’s HTTP Headers and Status Code

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Application and Use Cases

Here’s how you can use Requestly’s Mock Server feature in your daily workflow

Mock Backend Response

When the backend isn’t ready and you want to mock the API response.

Mock Different Formats

Besides mocking an API Response, we also allow you to write plain HTML/CSS/JS on our editor and test it out without deploying.

Manage Your Mocks

Test the Mocks you created using our API Client. Apart from editing Content-Type, Status Code and body of the response, you can also set latencies to test the responses.

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Web Debugger

Lightweight web debugging proxy to modify HTTPs request & response. Modify Headers, API Requests, Inject scripts & do much more with this open-source tool.

Mock API Server

Generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server. Edit Content-Type, Status Code, Headers, and Response body easily on the Mock Server.

Session Recording

Data rich bug reporting with Network logs, Console logs, Session Video and environment details. Share it with your Engineering team for faster debugging.

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