Requestly 2023 in Review

As 2023 comes to an end, we took time to reflect on where and how far we have come as a company. 2023 has been an exciting & productive year for us. We learned how to operate better in a remote setup, made some big bets, significantly improved our product, built great relationships with our customers, and did great team bonding with offsites and fun meetings.

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Requestly, we’re really committed to helping developers simplify software testing. We’ve started with web application testing, and we’re very excited to see how Requestly shapes up in 2024 and unlocks more dimensions toward a complete full-stack testing solution.

Going Open-Source

Ever Since Requestly was launched, we wanted to build Requestly as an open-source software. We also got multiple requests from our community that they wanted to contribute, and we made that happen.

Our engg team worked relentlessly for 3-weeks to make the source code on Github. What we estimated to be a 3-month project, our engg team delivered in 3 weeks.

Check out the announcement → Requestly is going open-source

Product Improvements

We’ve made dozens of releases improving user experience and adding a lot of new capabilities

Improving our Work Culture

We got better at how to operate as a company, how to work remotely and also improved ourselves on multiple fronts.

  • Defined our Mission, Vision, and values (will be public soon)
  • Started doing Innovation Days every month
  • Started doing Weekly Townhalls
  • We did two offsites for team bonding and rejuvenation.
  • Took Insurance for all our employees.


We also achieved and celebrated certain milestones as we progressed through the year.

  1. Getting into PeakXV (formerly Sequoia India) Surge Program → We’ve written a detailed blog post about the program and how it has helped us shape the company for the long term.
  2. Growth → The highest number of installations we saw is ~900 Installations/day, reached 200K+ Installations in Chrome Store, usage in 13000+ companies, 1000+ reviews in Chrome Store.
  3. User Love → Developers love Requestly for its ease of use. Requestly is rated as one of the top-rated extensions with 1000+ reviews in the Chrome Store.
  4. Revenue → We also saw a new milestone in revenue this year, closing a few enterprise customers.

The next level Customer Support 🪐

After getting frustrated with supporting users & customers over Intercom, Slack community, Slack connect, Github, Emails, etc, we built an In-house tool – Saturn, to streamline the support we offer to our companies.

We also onboarded some customers to Saturn and are now providing them company-wide support directly over Saturn. Everybody is loving it.

Check out the announcement → How we provide exceptional customer support

We’re now enterprise-ready

As part of enterprise readiness, we also improved our security posture. We’re already GDPR-ready, and We also began the process of being SOC2-compliant.

We now offer SSO/SAML logins as an add-on to our pricing plan.

Check out our privacy & security page here →

And the Journey continues…

We are very excited about what is yet to come in the product, and how we provide quality software to the world.

And like life goes on, the journey continues for newer challenges and newer milestones 💪 💪

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