How we provide exceptional customer support to Individuals and Companies

At Requestly, we are very passionate about providing the best customer support and we take a lot of pride in how much our customers value the level of support we offer. Requestly has more than 1000+ reviews on Chrome Store and more than 100 of those reviews mention exceptional support.

“We love our users & product” is one of our cultural values and we live it every day. Our entire team be it engineers, product managers, sales, and all the founders remain very active and support the users & customers.

Right now, we provide support at multiple places like Github Issues, In-app Chat, Email, Slack Community, Discord Community & Slack Connect.

Today, Requestly is being used across 10,000+ companies and it has become quite difficult for us to provide support across all these channels and we don’t want to lose the personal touch with our users.

In this post, we will share the list of problems we face while providing exceptional support and how have we solved them.

Problems with the existing Support system

  1. Lack of Personal Touch with Intercom – We have used Intercom in the past and now actively use Crisp chat. One thing that we struggled with in these tools is the need for a more personal touch, Users feel they are talking to support agents rather than to founders, product managers, or engineers from the company. We have noticed the kind of appreciation users have when they know the team is providing support to them directly. This brings a question – How do we bring the users closer to our team and vice-versa? It didn’t look clear upfront how to solve it in existing In-app chat systems.

  2. Providing Support to Teams – All the existing tools In-app Chat, Slack Community, and Discord Community are optimized for 1-1 Chats but there are cases when the same issue/problem needs to be solved at a team/company level. We do Slack Connects with some of our customers but we found it hard to set up Slack Connect at every company.

  3. Scaling Slack Connect – Lots of companies (especially large enterprises) don’t approve Slack Connect without a formal agreement.

  1. Microsoft Teams Connect – Unlike Slack Connect, Microsoft Teams Connect is difficult to set up and difficult to use. Moreover, since we live in Slack it was difficult for us to provide support to teams in one more channel.

Having realised all the challenges, we thought – We can support our users best when they are using our app So why are we sending them to Slack or Discord So there should be a system for providing super personalised support but inside the app.

Hence we built this Internal tool, 🪐 Saturn – In-app Support with a Slack-like experience

🪐 Introducing Saturn: In-app Chat solution with a Slack-like experience

Having learned from all the above problems and determined to provide the best support, we came up with a single support tool that can be used for the following

  1. In-app Community – Create public channels like announcements , bug-reports , or welcome and let all the users engage in these channels without restrictions.
  2. Company Level Support – We automatically group users from the same email domain in a single channel and without any additional setup, our team can interact with our customers’ team together.
  3. Direct Messages – Our users can also DM any member of our team and vice-versa to have any specific conversation. For example – the VP of engineering can DM the founder to discuss the pricing in DMs.

We have also built other features like two-way Slack Integration, Email backup, and others.

Using Saturn with our Customers

We have started using Saturn with some of our customers already. Here is an example of how we onboarded a customer.

Closing Note

Right now, we have enabled Saturn to only a few customers, and In the next couple of weeks, we will make it available for every company (only business emails) using Requestly.

Saturn is now available in a private beta. If you are interested in trying out Saturn in your company, you can request early access by filling out this TypeForm.

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Sachin Jain

Sachin Jain

Sachin, the founder and CEO of Requestly, has been pivotal in shaping the company's vision and product trajectory. With over a decade of professional experience, he has been affiliated with renowned companies like Google, Adobe, and Grofers.

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