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Jam.dev is a tool used by QA teams to report bugs internally. While it aims to reduce the back-and-forth communication in bug reporting, it might not provide the comprehensive suite of tools that agile teams require.

Requestly Session Replay, on the other hand, is a modern, user-friendly alternative to Jam.dev that not only offers network & console logs but also provides a session replay feature to understand user interactions. Using Requestly, you can also intercept & modify HTTP traffic across platforms.

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Comparing Jam.dev vs Requestly Sessions

Requestly Session Replay is an open-source alternative to Jam.dev

Automatic Session Recording

While Jam. dev focuses on manually capturing screenshots of the bug, Requestly goes a step further. With Requestly, you can record user interactions automatically, along with network and console logs, of a specified domain, ensuring that every detail is captured for faster debugging.


Modify HTTP Network Traffic

With Requestly, you can intercept and modify HTTP traffic and API Requests & Responses to simulate different scenarios and debug edge cases. The ability to modify network requests is not available on Jam.dev.

Customize Your Sessions

Set an offset timer, skip inactive time, and provide descriptions within a recording.
You can also choose what logs you want to share with your teams while saving the recordings. This level of control over the recording is not available on Jam.dev

Effortlessly Collaborate

Collaboration is at the heart of Requestly. Share recorded sessions with your team individually or create a team workspace where all of your team can collaborate in real-time.

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