How PushOwl uses Requestly to Enhance Developer Productivity

PushOwl is a web push notification app that adds a new marketing channel to your acquisition, retargeting, and loyalty strategies. Now a part of SendInBlue team, PushOwl helps more than 20K+ merchants to convert their visitors into customers.

Kushagra is frontend lead at Pushowl. He is a very creative guy and has built lots of successful side projects like CSSBatle, WebMaker.

The Challenge

Testing PushOwl JS Library on external ecommerce sites

At Pushowl, they have a JS Library (Call it tag, snippet, script whatever) which their customers integrate in their websites. During continuous development of the library, they wanted the local build script to be injected into customer websites so that they can test out the changes on the real stores websites and not just simple demo sites.

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The Solution

Adopting Requestly to Insert local scripts on external websites. Collaborating with team on any production issue using common Requestly rules.

Kushagra & his team actively use Requestly to test their local script changes on the production websites. Requestly rules make it super easy for our team to manage any external tag on any website.

They also use Requestly to map their existing production tags on customer stores to their local scripts which makes debugging a piece of cake.

Similarly, In order to work on their backend APIs, they map the API URLs to their local ngrok URLs and it reduces a lot of collaboration effort between frontend and backend developers.

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Sagar is the co-founder and CTO of Requestly. When he's not busy architecting the next big thing in software development, you'll likely find him behind the wheel, cruising the streets and enjoying the thrill of the drive. For Sagar, it's all about the code by day and the open road by night.

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