How GobbleCube Leverages Requestly to accelerate development


GobbleCube is a Large Language Model (LLM) powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) that facilitates building and synchronising complex audience profiles. Recently, GobbleCube discovered Requestly, a tool that has revolutionised their approach to mocking, testing, documenting, and collaborating on APIs. 

This testimonial is provided by Atul Lal, Full-Stack Developer at GobbleCube.


GobbleCube team found themselves investing significant time in API dependency between frontend and backend developers. Frontend developers had to either wait for backend developers to deploy the API or hardcode response on the client side when the API is in development phase. In order to test the UI for all scenarios, they had to do all sorts of hacks/workarounds because there was no easy way to simulate different responses on same API endpoint.

This was not only time-consuming but also required extensive back-and-forth communication between the frontend and backend engineers.

Next step in the process was to  embed these responses directly into the client code or using a mocking tool for development/debugging. This step had to be repeated after every feature launch or bug fix, which further delayed the delivery to the end user. 


GobbleCube’s backend team uses Requestly’s API client to build and test APIs and they use Mock Server to share the API mocks in their Shared Workspace, enabling the Frontend team to use the mocks till API is deployed. This streamlined process allows developers, testers and even product managers to test out the UI features without waiting for backend deployment.

One of Requestly’s key features that Atul frequently uses is  Redirect Rule. It allows him to redirect scripts/APIs from production to his local/dev setup, helping him with final checks before deploying to Production.

Requestly’s Session Recording feature proved to be a game-changer for GobbleCube. Whenever someone encounters a bug, session recording enables their team to quickly share the session and thereby enabling developers to replicate the issue on their system and start debugging immediately. 

With Requestly, GobbleCube has significantly streamlined and accelerated their development process, boosting their productivity and deployment cycle.

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