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May 2023 Product Updates

Hello Requestlians 👋🏼,

We’re thrilled to introduce a new addition to the Requestly development suite—the API client. We’ve also made significant enhancements to the Requestly desktop app, ensuring it becomes an indispensable tool for your web development journey. Several new features have been introduced in the desktop app making it more robust, flexible, and easy to use.

Let’s discover the capabilities of the newly introduced API client and delve deeper into the new features and improvements in the Requestly desktop app.

Cross-Platform API Client

The API client empowers you to test endpoints directly without relying on your browser or client app. You can effortlessly hit API requests and customize query parameters, body, and headers to fine-tune your testing.

Additionally, you can import curl commands directly, making it easier to send requests.

Requestly API Client – Click to expand

Edit and Replay requests

In the Requestly Desktop App, you can edit requests and replay them on-the-go directly from the Traffic Inspector. You can use custom parameters and test the responses. This seamless integration enhances your workflow and saves you valuable time.

Edit & Replay requests – Click to expand

Advanced filters in Traffic Inspector

Requestly simplifies the process of managing and analyzing captured traffic. With advanced filtering capabilities, you can easily navigate through the traffic. You can easily focus on specific traffic by grouping requests by app or domain and filtering by method, status code, or content type.

Advanced filter – Click to expand

Save, Import and Export network traffic sessions

You can now use Requestly to capture and save traffic sessions, giving you the ability to revisit and analyze the saved session at your convenience for debugging purposes.

Further, you can now import and export the captured traffic sessions as HAR file. This allows easy collaboration between teammates enabling other team members to review and debug any issues encountered during the session.

Import Settings from Charles Proxy

You can now directly import your rules from Charles Proxy to Requestly. This feature not only saves you the time of having to set up the same rules and configurations again manually but also minimizes the chances of errors during this transition, providing a smoother migration. You can learn more about this here.

Import Settings from charles proxy – click to expand

Review of the month

Last month, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users. Your continued support and valuable suggestions have been instrumental in driving our development efforts. I’m sharing one such feedback we received from Dan Mindru:

Chrome review – click to expand

We’re committed to making our platform as user-friendly and functional as possible. We hope these enhancements will make your experience with Requestly more efficient and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way in June.

Until then, happy debugging!

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