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Are you using Resource Override to modify request/response headers, redirect URLs, insert scripts, and more?

Then you might knew this: Resource Override went into Maintenance Mode a while back.

What does it mean? Let’s hear it directly from the creator of Resource Override, Kyle Paulsen, himself:

Resource Override is in maintenance mode - A screenshot from it's github repo.

Additionally, in case Chrome or Firefox make changes in their requirements, this extension might stop existing on these platforms.

So what do you do now?

Requestly has got your back! But what is Requestly?

Requestly is an open-source and lightweight web debugging proxy available as a browser extension and desktop app to intercept and modify network requests.

Modify API Response

Why use it instead of Resource Override? ‍

Apart from being open-source, Requestly does all and more than what Resource Override does with a cleaner UI!  

Requestly can:

Additionally, you can create mock APIs endpoints, recording web sessions with network and console logs, and also have a lightweight web-based API testing tool to test your APIs. Currently, we have 185K+ users using our extension with stellar reviews! We also got accepted into Y Combinator for the W22 batch, read our announcement here: YC announcement


  • Requestly works with Selenium,
  • Supports delay in both XHR & fetch based API requests,
  • Export/ Import rules and maintain a back-up of your rules,
  • A marketplace with pre-created rules

See what our users have to say about us!

If you’re looking to migrate your rules from Resource Override to Requestly, you can reach out to us here [email protected] and we will help you out.

Happy debugging!

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